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-Newton Analytics


"The Stock Exchange by Newton Analytics is a stock trading simulation game that teaches while you play. The game is specifically designed for a classroom environment with the students in mind."   Learn More


Optimize stock portfolios using modern portfolio theory's efficient frontier.

The Modern Portfolio app gives users the power of modern portfolio theory at their fingertips. This app allows users to best match their risk and return thresholds with traditional investment vehicles such as stocks. Users can add any number of tickers that range from foreign, domestic, stocks, etfs and more. Further, users can set the scope and frequency of daily pricing data used within the model. This dynamic modeling environment optimizes portfolio's risk and return makeup unlike any other because of its speed and flexibility. Modern Portfolio offers users the ability to pre-set allocations of tickers. Results are displayed on an interactive graph giving users the power to choose what they want to see.


Newton Analytics offers a the power of calculating Stock Beta on the fly for any company with a valid ticker symbol. Users can experience information from data as recent as the previous day's closing price. The Stock Beta app allows you to choose your index, set the frequency of price return data, and determine how far back in history you wish to consider.